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Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about Earthen Design Studio ?

At Earthen Design Studio we maintain complete transparency with the clients as we believe in building long term relationships with our client. Understanding them , their lifestyle and psychology is our secret to best design solutions.
We are open to any scale project counting on to meeting the time frame and budget , we are able to align our core values with the project.
We leave our footprints on each site by doing a suitable customised artwork which makes us unique and gives an artistic touch to every project.

Which additional consultants are required for my project? ?

To ensure a successful delivery of your project, appointing a suitable and competent is an absolute necessity. We would be appointed as your architects. We shall help you assemble the rest of the professional team which will include Structural consultant, HVAC and MEP Consultants, PMC consultants and Liasoning architect. For some projects, depending on scale, complexity and your specific aspirations it may be recommended/required to use the services of additional consultants, but not limited to: Planning, Landscape Designer, Audio Visual and Building Services Engineer. When appropriate, we will discuss these options with you and obtain relevant quotes for all additional consultants for you to consider.

What is EDS' approach to planning?

Planning in general is undoubtedly a tricky business. It is a complex maze of policies, development control regulations that requires specialised and up to date knowledge and skills to navigate successfully. Successfully securing planning permission for our clients across Mumbai.
The key aspects of our approach to planning are sustainability, optimised use of resources, unique design solutions, livable spaces and personal translation of our vision. We achieve the same by being collaborative, strategic & professional.

What is the fee structure used by EDS?

The fee structure that we will offer depends on the type and scale of your project as well as the scope required from us. The vast majority of the projects we take on are what we call ‘full projects’, these are projects for which we will provide full Architectural services from inception to completion. For these full projects our fees will be calculated on the basis of an agreed percentage of the final cost of the building works exclusive of GST and professional fees.
At any given time, we will calculate our fees based on the latest construction cost estimates, our fees will be adjusted both forward and retrospectively to reflect any increase in budget and scope of the project. During early stages, our fees will be calculated based on our in-house estimation tool and later in the final stage, it will be based on estimates by the appointed Quantity Surveyor.
Under unusual circumstances we may agree to take on projects sometimes from a certain stage from another Architect. For these ‘partial scope projects’ we will normally put forward a simple fixed lump sum proposal

What is the cost of an interior project or refurbishment of interiors?

Currently we recommend allowing between Rs.2,500/- and Rs.3,000/- per square feet for areas which will undergo an extensive renovation or completely new project. These figures are subject to certain conditions we can help and guide you with any given budget.
The cost may also vary for areas which do not require significant changes to layout or structural works but do require full redecoration, re-plumbing and rewiring. We designate an area of the project as extensive renovation if the planned works includes substantial changes to layouts, significant structural works, re-plumbing, re-wiring and full redecoration.
If there are areas in your project which only call for a light renovation such as re-plastering, and painting, installing new floor finishes and light modifications of electrics and plumbing fittings, we will designate these as areas of light renovation and quote accordingly as the real cost for your project will depend on several different variables including the complexity of the design, extent of structural works and level of fixtures, fittings and material finishes. These estimated costs per square feet are for the construction cost excluding GST and professional fees.