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Gurukul Wave

Gurukul Wave

Gurukul Wave




Gurukul Wave


In Progress


Boisar, Mumbai

Gurukul Wave, School

At Gurukul Wave apart from conventional education, they also aim to train students to be independent, self sufficient, curious, living life with gratitude & forgiveness, healthy intellect, finance, solution oriented approach, taking care of emotional, mental and physical health and making their life simple and game changing.

Likewise as an architect I want the building to do justice with the qualities infused in students by making the building independent, self sufficient and simple, as simplicity allows more room for freedom and stands out as an individual! While they are working on their social, emotional, economical environments we would contribute by providing them a physical environment to achieve the same.

Freedom in Architectural form using architectural elements like courtyard, open spaces, punctures, connectivity, transparency by jaali, verandas, water bodies