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Link Palace

Interior > Link Palace




Sanjeev & Pratibha Kakan




Goregaon, Mumbai

“An interior is the natural projection of the soul” - Coco Channel

Interior at The Kakans residence reflects harmony with nature! The entrance is given a vernacular touch by using wood and natural stone tiles and adding up a pinch of elegance by the elements in gold. It is said that the elements of design and colours in any given space impacts human emotions and how one feels in that particular space. Living area is one such space of the house where people would connect and form a stronger bond. In the living area the main element of design is the symmetry using arcs & circles as it denotes balance, friendliness and a sense of freedom to express. The warm orange colour gives the feel of warmth and love thus making the space whole. The design element in the son's bedroom is square and the colour blue reflects the personality of their son i.e. perfection and youth! The Master Bedroom is in the theme of nature purely revealing their love for nature specially plants.