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Interior > Smiling Teeth Dental Clinic

Smiling Teeth Dental Clinic

Interior > Smiling Teeth Dental Clinic




Dr.Jashan Arora




Mira Road, Mumbai

Smiling Teeth Dental Clinic

Smiling Teeth Dental Clinic is a dental practice by Dr.Jashan Arora who expertise in pain free dentistry. He is friendly and delivers a wow experience to his patients. He desired to build a physical environment which reflects his practice. Here we have designed the clinic in a contemporary concept wherein the main element has been bricks. Bricks being the most primary, homelike and friendly material gives an emotional comfort of home. A complete transparency is given in the design, also reflective surfaces (mirrors) are used to give a gigantic sense to the space. To create a tranquilizing ambience the colors used in the entire space are soft to eyes and also brand specific colours used to highlight the entrance. The string art on the wall and ceiling is a trending art form added to grab the attention of the patients leaving them distracted from the fear of pain during the treatment ! Also giving a feel of a friendly and informal environment. Who says a commercial space or a clinic needs to be boring and typical? Commercial environment impacts the quality of work, performance of your teammates, mindset and feelings of employees when they enter a certain space and most importantly it leaves a lasting impression on the clients as well as investors! So here we have created a very comfortable environment by defining every corner of the space wisely. A beautiful reception space, a window created by playing with bricks, is the most eye-catching element of the space, also giving a wall to display credibility of the doctor which is of utmost importance. Given a sterilization room to keep the tools clean and hygienic and the main cabin provided with a small space painted in universe theme to meditate or read.